California Fines Screen Printers

Be warned, the state Office of the Labor Commissioner in California is targeting Screen Printers and fining them if they don’t have a Garment Manufacturers License. Fines of $100-300 per employee have been levied. Additionally 1000’s of dollars must be spent for annual licensing and training . Ventura County Star article

Point blank…..This is wrong, Textile Screen printers who decorate finished goods are not garment manufacturers. This is akin to saying an offset printer is a paper manufacturer. Printers and organization have vowed to fight this in court and get the legislation reversed.

Simon Clifford

Simon Clifford is president of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Tekmar, a company specializing in textile spot-cleaning systems and adhesive application technology. With more than 33 years in the industry, he is a speaker at industry events and a contributing writer to the trade journals.

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