Flash or Dryer Too Hot!!!

ScorchedEver run a shirt through the dryer or left it under the flash for to long only to see your masterpiece ruined by scorching the surface. A scorched white shirt will have a light brown tint to it where the fibers have started to burn. Now we are not talking about a crispy black burn, just a light scorchingBURNED-SHIRT-4-2015 The scorched appearance may be difficult to see without good lighting, but one thing for sure your customers will notice right away-especially when it is placed next to an un scorched shirt. Tekmar has a solution for the money losing dilemma-Texstyle Scorch Remover. This exclusive blend of oxidizing chemicals and fast penetrating surfactants can be lightly sprayed on to the effected area and then the shirt is run back through the dryer. This is where the magic happens. The Scorch Remover is drawn into the fibers bleaching away the discoloration-the heat from the dryer the evaporates the solution, leaving behind an optically white shirt!! read more

Simon Clifford

Simon Clifford is president of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Tekmar, a company specializing in textile spot-cleaning systems and adhesive application technology. With more than 33 years in the industry, he is a speaker at industry events and a contributing writer to the trade journals.

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