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TEKMAR Pulls new Non-Methylene Chloride Spot Remover from the market

Tekmar has halted the distribution and manufacturing of its new Spot Remover MC-3. This is due to the health and safety concerns with regarding Normal Propyl Bromide, the primary ingredient in MC-3 along with other non-Methylene Chloride cleaners marketed by nationally known companies

There is considerable new information becoming available, indicating that Normal Propyl Bromide or NPB, a currently unregulated product, may in fact pose a significant health risk, the same or greater than that of Methylene Chloride. It is also under the same level of scrutiny with regards to it’s environmental impact. Green Peace has issued many statements about this product and is petitioning for it’s world wide control and possible ban. The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) has released a bulletin, advising it’s member to use the same cautions for NPB, as they would for Methylene chloride. It is likely that in the next few Months OSHA will initiate it’s own evaluation of this product.

Our Position at Tekmar is very simple. If we feel that a product posses a risk to the user, regardless whether or not it is regulated, we cannot with a good conscience market this product. If substantiated information becomes available that shows NPB to be safe and usable, we will re-introduce our MC-3 as appropriate. We will also continue to work on other new products to enhance the safety in the workplace.

Until then, we will continue to educate and promote the safe use of our current MEC based product and have available the EXHAUSTEX 2000, the first and only cleaning station with an integrated charcoal filtration unit

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