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This cutting edge cleaning fluid will quickly remove DTG Inks and DTF Transfers along with other industrial and household stains -It does not contain Methylene Chloride, N Propyl Bromide or perchloroethylene


Formula DT-1000

Removes DTG Prints  and DTF Transfers.  A new generation cleaning fluid containing no Methylene Chloride and no N Propyl Bromide.  This revolutionary product is the first cleaner developed exclusively to remove DTG printing inks and DTF Transfers.  Designed to be sprayed through a Spot Cleaning gun, DT-1000 dissolves virtually all inks and adhesives used in the DTG & DTF processes.   It’s unique chemistry reduces health concerns and has no US ground or air shipping restrictions.  FORMULA DT-1000 is a volatile spot remover that is profiled as being lower in toxicity than comparable products and has no detectable flash point.  The ingredients are not Prop 65 listed and have EPA SNAP approval.  FORMULA DT-1000 has a high TLV and is not subject to the stringent OSHA monitoring regulations for methylene chloride.

Packaged in 1 gallon, 5 gallon cans  and 55 gallon bulk drums.

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