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Target System TB 1000 Adhesive Applicator

The TB1000 is the last word in semi-automatic adhesive application systems. Designed to be used with TEKBOND water based adhesive, this revolutionary product delivers savings of up to 600% over aerosols alone.


The TB1000 utilizes an air driven diaphragm pump, that provides an on-demand adhesive supply to the TARGET TB 591 HVLP compact stainless steel tipped spray gun.The TB-591 spray gun, can be supplied with optional reverse plumbing for permanent, over the press installation. The TB1000 is available in single or double spray gun configurations. Multi gun systems have a manifold kit that can allow up to three guns to be run off one pump, allowing the unit to simultaneously supply two or three print stations. The unit is mounted to a compact stand which nests conveniently over a 5 gal pail. It can also be adapted to use with a 15 or 55 gallon drum. Minimal air requirement allows the system to be powered by a very small compressor. When used with TEKBOND water based adhesive, the TARGET SYSTEM TB 1000 is a totally green adhesive application system, guaranteed to be the most economical product of its type.

Download TB1000 Flyer PDF


  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Multi Station Kit Available
  • Made in USA
  • Clean


  • TB1000: Single Head Pistol Gun
  • TB2000: Twin Head Pistol Gun
  • TB3000: Triple Head Pistol Gun
  • TB1000OH: Over Head Single Gun
  • TB2000OH: Twin Over Head Single Gun
  • TB3000OH: Triple Over Head Single Gun
  • TBG1: Add on Pistol Gun Set
  • TBOH: Add on Over Head Gun Set
  • TB-MAN: Manifold Kit
  • TBH1: 10 ft Extension Hose
  • TBH2: 20 ft Extension Hose
  • TGWB: Weight Balancer

Manifold Kit

Over Head Gun










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