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Kwik Kool Pallet Cool down System

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The KWIK KOOL allows immediate printing following a flash cure unit, without the need for cool down station.

The exclusive Air Curtain provides a cooling blast of air, while the automatic spray gun applies an atomized mist of water and high-grade silicone. KWIK KOOL is easily installed between the flash cure unit and the next print head.


The instant cooling from the KWIK KOOL allows immediate printing without the need for a costly cool down station.

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This low voltage system, utilizes an adjustable electronic timer and a solid state proximity sensor, to monitor the position of the pallets and control the spray duration. The compact integrated air driven pump, allows safe operation and delivers a smooth supply of cooling spray to the stainless steel tipped spray gun.

An optional remote control (US models Only) allows the press operator to control the system from a remote location.

The KWIK KOOL system allows increased production, as well as full utilization of the press’s print heads.

The Air Curtain supplies additional cooling and control for the silicone spray.

The application of silicone eliminates ink build up and screen snap.

For glitter and other similar decorations, the silicone helps control excess material from adhering to the hot Ink.

The KWIK KOOL is backed by Tekmar’s Lifetime Limited Warranty, ensuring years of reliable, trouble free operation.

KWIK KOOL Silicone Concentrate is packaged in convenient 1 quart containers (4 packs) that can be mixed with tap water to make 5 gal (19 liters).

Located between flash and next printhead-no need for a cool down station


KWIK KOOL FLUID SDS (55 downloads)
KWIK KOOL Manual (353 downloads)
Kwik Kool Fluid Technical Data (323 downloads)
Easy Access Controls
Exclusive Air Curtain


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