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Shipping Information – Formula TS#1 & TS#3
Air Shipping Addendum

Due to the highly regulated nature of air shipments, it is recommended that where ever possible, ground transportation is used for these products. Should you wish to ship Formula TS-1 or TS-3 by air the following guide lines must be complied with.


UPS will only accept the above products in 1 gallon or smaller sizes up to a maximum package weight of 66lbs, in original box. All other container sizes in excess of these are prohibited from the UPS Air Hazardous Shipment System. When in compliance with the above this product is classified as a “Consumer Commodity ORM-D-AIR”

An ORM-D-AIR label must also be displayed on the package (see Fig 1.)

The package requires the multi-part UPS Hazardous Materials Shipping Paper (The long form for Air Shipments only). It is essential that it is filled out as outlined below (see Fig 2.) and in the UPS Hazardous Shipping Guide.

The UPS Shippers Certification for Hazardous Material also needs to be filled out (please see Fig 3.) as outlined in the UPS Hazardous Shipping Guide


Most air freight companies have their own unique guidelines for hazardous shipments, the specific requirements for each will have to be filled out on a case by case basis. The above information should only be used as guide. Please refer to the freight companies specific instructions for hazardous shipments.

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