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Shipping Information – Formula TS#1 & TS#3

Due to the recent changes in the CFR 49 shipping regulations, we are providing this product bulletin to better explain the specific requirements when shipping our spot cleaning fluids Formulas TS#1 & TS#3.

DOT requirements

1 Gallon or smaller and multiples thereof:

These can be shipped in single or multiple containers up to a maximum package weight of 66lb. If package weight exceeds 66lb then see instructions for larger sizes below.

This product is exempted from the Toxic Liquid classification by “49 CFR Subpart D, Section 173.153- Exceptions for Division 6.1, Consumer Commodity”. It is also exempted from the labeling and placarding requirements for Division 6.1 materials (TOXIC). The only required package marking is “The Limited Quantity Open Diamond”.

These packages do not require hazardous paperwork for domestic ground shipments (UPS, Common Carrier etc.) and can be shipped in unrestricted quantities that comply with the above exemption.

2½ Gal, 5 Gal and 55 Gal sizes:

The shipment of these sizes require hazardous paper work and additional labeling. All packages must be labeled with the Diamond label “TOXIC”

Bills of lading and Shipping manifests require following hazardous description: “ Toxic, Liquid, Organic, N.O.S. (Dichloromethane, Tetrachloroethylene) ; 6.1 ; U.N.#2810 ; PG III”.

Trucks must follow D.O.T. stowage requirements and if carrying more than 1000lb of this hazard class, must placard.

For UPS hazardous system see “Toxic, Liquid, N.O.S. Packing Group III” in the UPS Hazardous Material Handbook and use the above N.O.S. description.

All TEKMAR chemical products are shipped in approved UN Packages.

We at TEKMAR are committed to providing our distributors with the most current and accurate information regarding Health, Safety and Compliance matters. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions.

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